Working papers should be full papers. The working paper series reflects the interests of the institute and, as such, quantitative methods should form a significant component of the paper.

The paper should contribute to the aims and objectives of EERI:

1. To provide empirical research evidence capable of informing economic policy;

2. To develop and disseminate novel research methods in economics and econometrics through the application of quantitative techniques to substantive problems of policy and/or academic relevance.

Publication through the EERI Research Paper series does not prohibit you seeking publication in other working papers series. Please note that your paper has to be unpublished research work.

Papers published in the EERI Research Paper series are available on the web, and will not be made available in print.

The EERI Research Paper series is intended to disseminate papers that are “ready for submission” to peer-reviewed journals. Please refrain from submitting work that is incomplete. We will not update papers once they have been placed within the working paper series unless a strong case can be made that the paper contains fundamental flaws.

Submission details

Submissions should be emailed to Julia van Hove
Please make sure you include the following information on a cover page of the submission:

  • Title
  • Authors and institutions
  • Abstract (250 words maximum)
  • Keywords
  • JEL Classification
  • Contact information for the corresponding author
  • Acknowledgements

The main body of the text should begin on a page separate to the information contained in the cover page.

Papers will be posted to the EERI Research Paper Series in PDF format. Submissions can be made in PDF, Word, or LaTeX.


EERI Research Papers

The EERI Research Paper series is open for submission to external researchers. The EERI Research Paper series is present at major economic and social sciences research depositories, such as RePEc and IBSS. Authors interested in submitting papers for consideration should read the submission guidelines to the right.

EERI Research Papers (EERI RP) can be catalogued under ISSN 2031-4892.


EERI RP 2013/12 Aadil Nakhoda 'Bank Competition and Export Diversification' paper (pdf)
EERI RP 2013/11 Esubalew Alehegn, Silvia Sacchetti, Ermanno Tortia 'Human capital, creative class and regional economic performance: A dynamic panel analysis' paper (pdf)
EERI RP 2013/10 Eiji Yamamura 'Natural disasters and social capital formation: The impact of the Great Hanshin-Awaji earthquake' paper (pdf)
EERI RP 2013/09 Andries Brandsma, Olga Ivanova, d'Artis Kancs 'Economic integration: Less data, more room for regional modelling?' paper (pdf)
EERI RP 2013/08 Marco M. Sorge 'A Note on Information Flows and Identification of News Shocks Models' paper (pdf)
EERI RP 2013/07 Ghassen El Montasser, Talel Boufateh, Fakhri Issaoui 'The Seasonal KPSS Test When Neglecting Seasonal Dummies: A Monte Carlo analysis' paper (pdf)
EERI RP 2013/06 Author 'Title' paper (pdf)
EERI RP 2013/05 Pedro de Mendonça 'Nonlinear Phenomena in a Growing Economy with Convex Adjustment Costs' paper (pdf)
EERI RP 2013/04 Fakhri Issaoui, Talel Boufateh, Ghassen El Montasser 'The Dynamic Effect of Oil Rent on Industrial Value Added: a SVAR Approach' paper (pdf)
EERI RP 2013/03 Eiji Yamamura 'Trial experience, satisfaction and incentive to bring another lawsuit: Does aspiration level influence winners and losers?' paper (pdf)
EERI RP 2013/02 Eiji Yamamura 'Public sector corruption and the probability of technological disasters' paper (pdf)
EERI RP 2013/01 George Adu, George Marbuah, Justice Tei Mensah and Prince Boakye Frimpong 'Macroeconomic Development and Stock Market Performance: A Non-Parametric Approach' paper (pdf)


EERI RP 2012/23 Eiji Yamamura 'Effects of siblings and birth order on income redistribution preferences: Evidence based on Japanese General Social Survey' paper (pdf)
EERI RP 2012/22 Gaetano Lisi 'Matching models and housing markets: the role of the zero-profit condition' paper (pdf)
EERI RP 2012/21 Gaetano Lisi 'Macroeconomic implications of the dynamics between power and trust: a theoretical formalisation of the ‘slippery slope’ framework' paper (pdf)
EERI RP 2012/20 Michele Limosani and Emanuele Millemaci 'Precautionary Savings of Agents with Heterogeneous Risk Aversion' paper (pdf)
EERI RP 2012/19 Salvatore Amico Roxas, Antonio Cristofaro and Giuseppe Piroli 'Public Capital in the Private Sector of Italian Economy' paper (pdf)
EERI RP 2012/18 Francesca Modena, Concetta Rondinelli and Fabio Sabatini 'Economic insecurity and fertility intentions: the case of Italy' paper (pdf)
EERI RP 2012/17 Ana Paula Martins 'Portfolio Selection – A Technical Note' paper (pdf)
EERI RP 2012/16 Eiji Yamamura 'Smokers' sexual behavior and their satisfaction with family life' paper (pdf)
EERI RP 2012/15 Marcella Scrimitore 'Quantity Competition vs. Price Competition under Optimal Subsidy in a Mixed Duopoly' paper (pdf)
EERI RP 2012/14 Emna Trabelsi 'How avoiding overreaction to public information? Some insights on central bank communication practices' paper (pdf)
EERI RP 2012/13 Eiji Yamamura and Haruo Kondoh 'Government transparency and expenditure in the rent-seeking industry: The case of Japan for 1998–2004' paper (pdf)
EERI RP 2012/12 Pavel Ciaian, d'Artis Kancs and Miroslava Rajcaniova 'Bioenergy and Land Use Change' paper (pdf)
EERI RP 2012/11 Marga Peeters and Loek Groot 'Demographic Pressure in the European Union' paper (pdf)
EERI RP 2012/10 Fabio Sabatini, Francesca Modena and Ermanno Tortia 'Do cooperative enterprises create social trust?' paper (pdf)
EERI RP 2012/09 Eiji Yamamura and Inyong Shin 'Decomposition of ethnic heterogeneity on growth' paper (pdf)
EERI RP 2012/08 Eiji Yamamura 'Death tolls from natural disasters: Influence of interactions among fiscal decentralization, institutions and economic development' paper (pdf)
EERI RP 2012/07 Weshah Razzak and Elmostafa Bentour 'Do Developing Countries Benefit from Foreign Direct Investments?' paper (pdf)
EERI RP 2012/06 Vijay Varadi and C. Vanlalramsanga 'Assessment of the Impact of Fiscal Policy on Economic Growth: An Empirical Analysis' paper (pdf)
EERI RP 2012/05 Marco M. Sorge 'Robust Delegation with Uncertain Monetary Policy Preferences' paper (pdf)
EERI RP 2012/04 Sharmina Ahmed and Christopher Findlay 'Participation and Contract Choice in the Tenancy Market: Micro Evidence from Rural Bangladesh' paper (pdf)
EERI RP 2012/03 Gaetano Lisi and Maurizio Pugno 'A Matching Model of Endogenous Growth and Underground Firms' paper (pdf)
EERI RP 2012/02 Emna Trabelsi 'The relationship between central bank transparency and the quality of inflation forecasts: is it U-shaped?' paper (pdf)
EERI RP 2012/01 Gaetano Lisi 'Can the Mortensen-Pissarides Model Match the Housing Market Facts?' paper (pdf)


EERI RP 2011/22 d'Artis Kancs 'Labour Migration in the Enlarged EU: A New Economic Geography Approach' paper (pdf)
EERI RP 2011/21 d'Artis Kancs and Pavel Ciaian 'Modelling the Flow of Knowledge and Human Capital: A Framework of Innovative Capital' paper (pdf)
EERI RP 2011/20 Pavel Ciaian and Sergio Gomez y Paloma 'Valuation of EU Agricultural Landscape' paper (pdf)
EERI RP 2011/19 Eiji Yamamura and Antonio R. Andrés 'Influence of age of child on differences in marital satisfaction of males and females in East Asian countries' paper (pdf)
EERI RP 2011/18 Marga Peeters and Loek Groot 'Demographic Change across the Globe Maintaining Social Security in Ageing Economies' paper (pdf)
EERI RP 2011/17 Jarko Fidrmuc, Pavel Ciaian, d'Artis Kancs and Jan Pokrivcak 'Credit Constraints, Heterogeneous Firms and Loan Defaults' paper (pdf)
EERI RP 2011/16 Azim Raimbaev 'The case of transition economies: What institutions matter for growth?' paper (pdf)
EERI RP 2011/15 Ana Paula Martins 'Compliance with the Institutional Wage in Dualistic Models' paper (pdf)
EERI RP 2011/14 Pavel Ciaian, Jan Pokrivcak and d'Artis Kancs 'The Rise and Fall of Enforcement Institutions: An Example of Religion and Secularism' paper (pdf)
EERI RP 2011/13 George Emm. Halkos and Nickolaos G. Tzeremes 'Measuring Economic Journals' Citation Efficiency: A Data Envelopment Analysis Approach' paper (pdf)
EERI RP 2011/12 Fabio Sabatini 'Can a click buy a little happiness? The impact of business-to-consumer e-commerce on subjective well-being' paper (pdf)
EERI RP 2011/11 Giuseppe Piroli, Pavel Ciaian and d'Artis Kancs 'Land Use Change Impacts of Biofuels: Near-VAR Evidence from the US' paper (pdf)
EERI RP 2011/10 Eiji Yamamura 'Death Caused By Natural Disasters: The Role Of Ethnic Heterogeneity' paper (pdf)
EERI RP 2011/09 Marco M. Sorge 'News Shocks or Correlated Sunspots? An Observational Equivalence Result in Linear Rational Expectations Model' paper (pdf)
EERI RP 2011/08 Fabio Sabatini 'Who trusts Berlusconi? An econometric analysis of the role of television in the political arena' paper (pdf)
EERI RP 2011/07 Angelo Antoci, Fabio Sabatini, Mauro Sodini 'Economic Growth, Technological Progress, and Social Capital: The Inverted U Hypothesis' paper (pdf)
EERI RP 2011/06 Ghassen El Montasser 'The overall seasonal integration tests under non-stationary alternatives: A methodological note' paper (pdf)
EERI RP 2011/05 Ana Paula Martins 'Segmented Life-cycle Labor Markets – Portuguese Evidence' paper (pdf)
EERI RP 2011/04 Ana Paula Martins 'Compliance with the Institutional Wage in Dualistic Models' paper (pdf)
EERI RP 2011/03 Eiji Yamamura 'Corruption and Fertility: Evidence from OECD countries' paper (pdf)
EERI RP 2011/02 Valerio Filoso and Erasmo Papagni 'Fertility Choice and Financial Development' paper (pdf)
EERI RP 2011/01 Zainab Jehan and Abdul Rashid 'On the Response of Economic Aggregates to Monetary Policy Shocks' paper (pdf)


EERI RP 2010/46 Andries Brandsma, Pavel Ciaian and d'Artis Kancs 'The Role of Additionality in the EU Cohesion Policies: An Example of Firm-Level Investment Support' paper (pdf)
EERI RP 2010/44 Mark Armstrong and Jidong Zhou 'Exploding Offers and Buy-Now Discounts' paper (pdf)
EERI RP 2010/43 Christian Pfarr, Andreas Schmid and Udo Schneider 'Estimating ordered categorical variables using panel data: a generalized ordered probit model with an autofit procedure' paper (pdf)
EERI RP 2010/42 Prabal Roy Chowdhury 'The Porter Hypothesis and Hyperbolic Discounting' paper (pdf)
EERI RP 2010/41 Elena Huergo and Lourdes Moreno 'Does history matter for the relationship between R&D, Innovation and Productivity?' paper (pdf)
EERI RP 2010/40 Luca Pieroni, Donatella Lanari and Luca Salmasi 'Food Prices and Overweight Patterns in Italy' paper (pdf)
EERI RP 2010/39 Marcella Scrimitore 'Managerial Incentives and Stackelberg Equilibria in Oligopoly' paper (pdf)
EERI RP 2010/38 Shihe Fu and Junjie Hong 'Testing Urbanization Economies in Manufacturing Industries: Urban Diversity or Urban Size?' paper (pdf)
EERI RP 2010/37 Ana Paula Martins 'Frontier Techniques: Contrasting the Performance of (Single-) Truncated Order Regression Methods and Replicated Moments' paper (pdf)
EERI RP 2010/36 Ana Paula Martins 'Splitting Games: Nash Equilibrium and the Optimisation Problem' paper (pdf)
EERI RP 2010/35 B. Laabas and W. A. Razzak 'A Contribution Towards the New Zealand's Tax Reform' paper (pdf)
EERI RP 2010/34 d'Artis Kancs and Jan Van Hove 'Structural Estimation of Variety Gains from Trade Integration in a Heterogeneous Firms Framework' paper (pdf)
EERI RP 2010/33 Susana Santos 'A quantitative approach to the effects of social policy measures. An application to Portugal, using Social Accounting Matrices' paper (pdf)
EERI RP 2010/32 Saibal Ghosh 'Economic reforms and manufacturing productivity: Evidence from India' paper (pdf)
EERI RP 2010/31 Saten Kumar, Gail Pacheco and Stephanié Rossouw 'How to Increase the Growth Rate in South Africa?' paper (pdf)
EERI RP 2010/30 Dennis S. Mapa, Fatima C. Han and Kristine Claire O. Estrada 'Hunger Incidence in the Philippines: Facts, Determinants and Challenges' paper (pdf)
EERI RP 2010/29 Eiji Yamamura 'Different effects of social capital on health status among residents: evidence from modern Japan' paper (pdf)
EERI RP 2010/28 Olga Ivanova and d'Artis Kancs 'RHOMOLO: A Dynamic Spatial General Equilibrium Model' paper (pdf)
EERI RP 2010/27 d'Artis Kancs and Julda Kielyte 'European Integration and Labour Migration' paper (pdf)
EERI RP 2010/26 Douglas L. Campbell 'History, Culture, and Trade: A Dynamic Gravity Approach' paper (pdf)
EERI RP 2010/25 Stefano Grassi and Tommaso Proietti 'Characterizing economic trends by Bayesian stochastic model specification search' paper (pdf)
EERI RP 2010/24 Gabriel M. Ahlfeldt and Nicolai Wendland 'How Polycentric is a Monocentric City? The Role of Agglomeration Economies' paper (pdf)
EERI RP 2010/23 Stuart Landon and Constance Smith 'Government Revenue Volatility: The Case of Alberta, an Energy Dependent Economy' paper (pdf)
EERI RP 2010/22 Timo Mitze 'Estimating Gravity Models of International Trade with Correlated Time-Fixed Regressors: To IV or not IV?' paper (pdf)
EERI RP 2010/21 Mauricio Armellini and Parantap Basu 'Altruism, Education Subsidy and Growth' paper (pdf)
EERI RP 2010/20 Thomas Friedrich 'The Transfer Space' paper (pdf)
EERI RP 2010/19 Paolo Spada and James Raymond Vreeland 'Participatory Decision Making: A Field Experiment on Manipulating the Votes' paper (pdf)
EERI RP 2010/18 Javed Iqbal, Sara Azher Ayesha, Ijza Predictive 'Ability of Value-at-Risk Methods: Evidence from the Karachi Stock Exchange-100 Index' paper (pdf)
EERI RP 2010/17 George E. Halkos, Nickolaos G. Tzeremes, Stavros A. Kourtzidis 'An application of statistical interference in DEA models: An analysis of public owned university departments' efficiency' paper (pdf)
EERI RP 2010/16 Saten Kumar and Gail Pacheco 'What Determines the Long run Growth in Kenya?' paper (pdf)
EERI RP 2010/15 Abdul Rashid and Tayyaba Razzaq 'Estimating Import-Demand Function in ARDL Framework: The Case of Pakistan' paper (pdf)
EERI RP 2010/14 Jaya Prakash Pradhan 'R&D Strategy of Small and Medium Enterprises in India' paper (pdf)
EERI RP 2010/13 Stavros A. Drakopoulos 'Economic Policies, Socieconomic Factors and Overall Health: A Short Review' paper (pdf)
EERI RP 2010/12 Saten Kumar 'Panel Data Estimates of the Demand for Money in the Pacific Island Countries' paper (pdf)
EERI RP 2010/11 Sami Bensassi 'From Regional to Intercontinental Trade: The Successive European Trade Empires from the Sixteenth to the Eighteenth Century in Asia' paper (pdf)
EERI RP 2010/10 d'Artis Kancs and Pavel Ciaian 'The Impact of the EU Blue Card Policy on Economic Growth in the African Sending Countries' paper (pdf)
EERI RP 2010/09 Giuseppe Tattara 'Choosing between foreign investment and subcontracting: Strategies of Italian firms in Romania' paper (pdf)
EERI RP 2010/08 Toru Kikuchi and Sugata Marjit 'Time Zones and Periodic Intra-Industry Trade' paper (pdf)
EERI RP 2010/07 Taisei Kaizoji 'Stock volatility in the periods of booms and stagnations' paper (pdf)
EERI RP 2010/06

Eiji Yamamura 'Government size and trust'

paper (pdf)
EERI RP 2010/05 Pavel Ciaian, d'Artis Kancs and Sergio Gomez y Paloma 'Distributional Effects of CAP Subsidies: Micro Evidence from the EU' paper (pdf)
EERI RP 2010/04 B. Bhaskara Rao, Artur Tamazian and Rup Singh 'What is the Long Run Growth Rate of the East Asian Tigers?' paper (pdf)
EERI RP 2010/03 E. M. Bentour and W. A. Razzak 'Real Interest Rates, Bubbles and Monetary Policy in the GCC countries' paper (pdf)
EERI RP 2010/02 Victor Rivas 'Structural Estimation of Variety Gains from Trade Integration in a Heterogeneous Firms Framework' paper (pdf)
EERI RP 2010/01 d'Artis Kancs Julda Kielyte 'Educating in the East, Emigrating to the West?' paper (pdf)


EERI RP 2009/31 Roberto Bonilla 'Equilibria in a model with a search labour market and a matching marriage market' paper (pdf)
EERI RP 2009/30 Weshah Razzak 'An Empirical Glimpse on MSEs Four MENA Countries' paper (pdf)
EERI RP 2009/29 Weshah Razzak 'On the GCC Currency Union' paper (pdf)
EERI RP 2009/28 Jidong Zhou 'Ordered Search in Differentiated Markets' paper (pdf)
EERI RP 2009/27 Francesco Bogliacino and Giorgio Rampa 'Quality Risk Aversion, Conjectures, and New Product Diffusion' paper (pdf)
EERI RP 2009/26 Saverio M. Fratini 'Reswitching and Decreasing Demand for Capital in a Model with a Continuum of Linear Techniques' paper (pdf)
EERI RP 2009/25 Attila Tasnádi 'Quantity-setting games with a dominant firm' paper (pdf)
EERI RP 2009/24 Tommaso Proietti 'The Multistep Beveridge-Nelson Decomposition' paper (pdf)
EERI RP 2009/23 Salem M. Abo-Zaid 'Sticky Wages, Incomplete Pass-Through and Inflation Targeting: What is the Right Index to Target?' paper (pdf)
EERI RP 2009/22 Debdulal Mallick 'Marginal and Interaction Effects in Ordered Response Models' paper (pdf)
EERI RP 2009/21 Hayat Khan 'Modeling Social Preferences: A Generalized Model of Inequity Aversion' paper (pdf)
EERI RP 2009/20 Stuart Landon 'The capitalization of taxes in bond prices: Evidence from the market for Government of Canada bonds' paper (pdf)
EERI RP 2009/19 Todd Schoellman 'The Occupations and Human Capital of U.S. Immigrants' paper (pdf)
EERI RP 2009/18 Daniel Buncic 'Understanding forecast failure of ESTAR models of real exchange rates' paper (pdf)
EERI RP 2009/17 Eleftherios Zacharias 'Firm entry, product repositioning and welfare' paper (pdf)
EERI RP 2009/16 Gui Pedro de Mendonça 'Growth, Fiscal Policy and the Informal Sector in a Small Open Economy' paper (pdf)
EERI RP 2009/15 Daniele Tavani 'Wage Bargaining and Induced Technical Change in a Linear Economy: Model and Application to the US (1963-2003)' paper (pdf)
EERI RP 2009/14 Toru Kikuchi 'A Simple Model of Foreign Brand Penetration under Monopolistic Competition' paper (pdf)
EERI RP 2009/13 El Qalli Yassine 'Term Structure Equations Under Benchmark Framework' paper (pdf)
EERI RP 2009/12 Marco Novarese 'Is bounded rationality a capacity, enabling learning?' paper (pdf)
EERI RP 2009/11 Pantelis Kammas 'Strategic fiscal interaction among OECD countries' paper (pdf)
EERI RP 2009/10 John M. Fry 'Statistical modelling of financial crashes: Rapid growth, illusion of certainty and contagion' paper (pdf)
EERI RP 2009/09 Shihe Fu and Liwei Shan 'Corporate Equality and Equity Prices: Doing Well While Doing Good?' paper (pdf)
EERI RP 2009/08 Antonio Forte 'The pass-through effect: a twofold analysis' paper (pdf)
EERI RP 2009/07 Sha Luo 'Price Dispersion in the Online Auction Markets' paper (pdf)
EERI RP 2009/06 Pavel Ciaian and d’Artis Kancs 'Interdependencies in the Energy-Bioenergy-Food Price Systems: A Cointegration Analysis' paper (pdf)
EERI RP 2009/05 Ronald Wendner 'Conspicuous Consumption and Overlapping Generations?' paper (pdf)
EERI RP 2009/04 Pavel Ciaian and d’Artis Kancs 'The Capitalisation of Area Payments into Farmland Rents: Micro Evidence from the New EU Member States' paper (pdf)
EERI RP 2009/03 Andrei V. Bazhanov 'A constant-utility criterion linked to an imperfect economy affected by irreversible global warming' paper (pdf)
EERI RP 2009/02 Artur Tamazian and B. Bhaskara Rao 'Do Economic, Financial and Institutional Developments Matter for Environmental Degradation? Evidence from Transitional Economies' paper (pdf)
EERI RP 2009/01 Pavel Ciaian and Tomas Ratinger 'Income Distribution Effects of EU Rural Development Policies: The Case of Farm Investment Support' paper (pdf)


EERI RP 2008/21 Giovanni Ferri and Andrea Morone 'The Effect of Rating Agencies on Herd Behaviour' paper (pdf)
EERI RP 2008/20 Rufus Pollock 'Innovation, Imitation and Open Source' paper (pdf)
EERI RP 2008/19 Roberto Martinez-Espineira and Joe Amoako-Tuffour 'Multi-destination and multi-purpose trip effects in the analysis of the demand for trips to a remote recreational site' paper (pdf)
EERI RP 2008/18 Weshah Razzak and Rabie Nasser 'A Nonparametric Approach to Evaluating Inflation-Targeting Regimes' paper (pdf)
EERI RP 2008/17 C-René Dominique 'Behind the 2008 Capital Market Collapse' paper (pdf)
EERI RP 2008/16 Alexandre Repkine 'Measuring the Value of a Moscow Apartment A Spatial Approach to the Hedonic Pricing of Attributes' paper (pdf)
EERI RP 2008/15 Arefiev, N. 'The Inconsistency Puzzle Resolved: an Omitted Variable' paper (pdf)
EERI RP 2008/14 Russo, G. Voting over Selective Immigration Policies with Immigration Aversion paper (pdf)
EERI RP 2008/13 Rao B. B., G. Rao Cointegration and the Demand for Gasoline paper (pdf)
EERI RP 2008/12 Morone, A. Simple model of herd behaviour A comment paper (pdf)
EERI RP 2008/11 Bazhanov A. V. Maximin-optimal sustainable growth with nonrenewable resource and externalities paper (pdf)
EERI RP 2008/10 Dominique, R.C. Walrasian solutions without utility functions paper (pdf)
EERI RP 2008/09 Rao B. B., A. Cooray, How useful is the Theoretical and Empirical Growth Literature for Policies in the Developing Countries? paper (pdf)
EERI RP 2008/08 Massiani, J. Can we use hedonic pricing to estimate freight value of time? paper (pdf)
EERI RP 2008/07 Kikuchi, T. Economic Integration in a Chamberlinian-Ricardian World paper (pdf)
EERI RP 2008/06 Fabrizio Barca 'An Agenda for a Reformed Cohesion Policy' paper (pdf)
EERI RP 2008/05 Kancs, D., P. Ciaian Factor Content of Agricultural Trade: The Role of Firm Heterogeneity and Transaction Costs paper (pdf)
EERI RP 2008/04 Johan Swinnen, Pavel Ciaian and d'Artis Kancs 'Study on the Functioning of Land Markets in the EU Member States under the Influence of Measures applied under the Common Agricultural Policy' paper (pdf)
EERI RP 2008/03 Kancs, D., P. Ciaian, J. Pokrivcak Comparative Advantages, Transaction Costs and Factor Content of Agricultural Trade: Empirical Evidence from CEE paper (pdf)
EERI RP 2008/02 Ciaian P., Kancs, D. The Impact of Food Price Shock on Heterogenous Credit Constrained Firms paper (pdf)
EERI RP 2008/01 Fagan, S., Gencay, R. Liquidity-Induced Dynamics in Futures Markets paper (pdf)


EERI RP 2007/07 Ana Paula Martins On Depth and Retrospect: "I Forget, and Forgive - but I Discount" paper (pdf)
EERI RP 2007/06 Halicioglu F. The Financial Development and Economic Growth Nexus for Turkey paper (pdf)
EERI RP 2007/05 Halicioglu, F. A Multivariate Causality Analysis of Export and Growth for Turkey paper (pdf)
EERI RP 2007/04 Kancs, D., N. Wohlgemuth Evaluation of Renewable Energy Policies in an Integrated Economic-Energy-Environment Model paper (pdf)
EERI RP 2007/03 Drabik, D., J. Pokrivcak, P. Ciaian Trade Creation and Diversion in the Enlarged EU Market: Evidence for Agricultural Trade in Slovakia

paper (pdf)

EERI RP 2007/02 Kancs, D. Applied general equilibrium analysis of renewable energy policies

paper (pdf)

EERI RP 2007/01 Ciaian, P. Land Reform and Productivity Gains with Multiple Market Imperfections

paper (pdf)


EERI RP 2006/04 Ana Paula Martins On Simple Conditions for Mixed Equilibria in Dualistic Models. Part II: Degree of Coverage Paper (pdf)
EERI RP 2006/03 Ana Paula Martins On Simple Conditions for Mixed Equilibria in Dualistic Models. Part I: Degree of Mobility Paper (pdf)
EERI RP 2006/02 Sen R. Open Source Software Development Projects: Determinants of Project Popularity Paper (pdf)
EERI RP 2006/01 Kancs, D. 'The economic geography of labour migration: Competition, competitiveness and development' Paper (pdf)


EERI RP 2005/06 Jody Hoffer Gittell, Kim Cameron, Sandy Lim and Victor Rivas Relationships, Layoffs, and Organizational Resilience: Airline Industry Responses to September 11 Paper (pdf)
EERI RP 2005/05 Paula Leal de Matos, Amedeo Odoni and Victor Rivas Economic Contribution and Productivity of ATM Paper (pdf)
EERI RP 2005/04 Dai, F., Liang, L. The Advance in Partial Distribution: A New Mathematical Tool for Economic Management Paper (pdf)
EERI RP 2005/03 Dai, F., Liu, H., Wang, Y. Multivariate Partial Distribution: A New Method of Pricing Group Assets and Analyzing the Risk for Hedging Paper (pdf)
EERI RP 2005/02 Ciaian, P. Pokrivcak, J. Why Some Sectors of Transition Economies are less Reformed than Others? The Case of Research and Education

Paper (pdf)

EERI RP 2005/01 Kancs, D. Can we use NEG models to predict migration flows? An example of CEE accession countries Paper (pdf)


EERI RP 2004/06 Gelman, A. Prior distributions for variance parameters in hierarchical models Paper (pdf)
EERI RP 2004/05 Gatfaoui, H. From Fault Tree to Credit Risk Assessment: A Case Study Paper (pdf)
EERI RP 2004/04 Gelman, A., Pardoe I. Bayesian measures of explained variance and pooling in multilevel (hierarchical) models Paper (pdf)
EERI RP 2004/03 Kancs, D. Evaluation of Renewable Energy Policies

Paper (pdf)

EERI RP 2004/02 Ciaian, P. Credit Rationing with Heterogeneous Borrowers in Transition Economies: Evidence from Slovakia Paper (pdf)
EERI RP 2004/01 Kancs, D. Efficiency of European Funds in the Accession Countries: The Case of Transport Infrastructure Investments in Latvia Paper (pdf)


EERI RP 2003/06 Ramos, C. The P* model as a general identity to analyze and forecast the behavior of the inflation rate in the economy of Puerto Rico Paper (pdf)
EERI RP 2003/05 Alderweireld, T., Nuyts, J. Term Structure of Interest Rates. Emergence of Power Laws and Scaling Laws Paper (pdf)
EERI RP 2003/04 Ratsimalahelo, Z. Strongly Consistent Determination of the Rank of Matrix Paper (pdf)
EERI RP 2003/03 Garcia, P., Measuring Willingness-To-Pay in Discrete Choice Models with Semi- Parametric Techniques Paper (pdf)
EERI RP 2003/02 Choi, K., Zivot, E. Long Memory and Structural Changes in the Forward Discount: An Empirical Investigation

Paper (pdf)

EERI RP 2003/01 Iribarren, D. From Economic Activity to Understanding Spaces Paper (pdf)


EERI RP 2002/07 Nuno Garoupa and Ana Paula Martins 'Crime and Punishment Re-Awakened - Insights on a Risky Business from the Worker's Perspective' Paper (pdf)
EERI RP 2002/06 Ana Paula Martins 'Unemployment Insurance and Union Behavior: Comparison of Some Paradigms and Endogenous Membership' Paper (pdf)
EERI RP 2002/05 Ana Paula Martins 'Reconciling the Nash and Kalai-Smorodinsky Cooperative Solutions: Generalized Maximands of CES Form' Paper (pdf)
EERI RP 2002/04 Kancs D., J. Kielyte Migration in the Enlarged European Union: Empirical Evidence for Labour Mobility in the Baltic States Paper (pdf)
EERI RP 2002/03 d'Artis Kancs and Hans Kremers 'Assessing Impacts of Alternative Renewable Energy Strategies' Paper (pdf)
EERI RP 2002/02 Ciaian, P. The impact of the Common Agricultural Policy on income distribution and welfare in Central and Eastern European Countries

Paper (pdf)

EERI RP 2002/01 Kielyte J. Exchange rate arrangements in the run-up to the EMU: some experience in currency board countries Paper (pdf)


EERI RP 2001/10 Gayer, T. The Fatality Risks of Sport-Utility Vehicles, Vans and Pickups Paper (pdf)
EERI RP 2001/09 Fickel, N. Sequential Regression: A Neodescriptive Approach to Multicollinearity Paper (pdf)
EERI RP 2001/08 Lin, J., Wu, S. Identifying the Predictors for Financial Crisis Using Gibbs Sampler Paper (pdf)
EERI RP 2001/07 Kancs D. Integrated Appraisal of Renewable Energy Strategies: A CGE Analysis Paper (pdf)
EERI RP 2001/06 Kancs D., J. Kielyte Analysing Sectoral Competitiveness: A Framework of Strategic Management Paper (pdf)
EERI RP 2001/05 Maarten, A., du Toit, C. A supply side approach for estimating a Neo-classical fixed investment model for the South African economy Paper (pdf)
EERI RP 2001/04 Ratsimalahelo, Z. Rank Test Based On Matrix Perturbation Theory

Paper (pdf)

EERI RP 2001/03 Baraöacakaear, J., Kaaanacas, D., Sacahaüaramaaanan, C., Waeagaeanaear, M. Methodology for the Assessment of Spatial Economic Impacts of Transport Projects and Policies Paper (pdf)
EERI RP 2001/02 Kancs D., Weber, G. Modelling Agricultural Policies in the CEE Accession Countries Paper (pdf)
EERI RP 2001/01 Kancs, D. Predicting European Enlargement Impacts: A Framework of Interregional General Equilibrium Paper (pdf)


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